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Your Data Hub

What is a Data Hub?

The visitor interaction data is the core of our solution. But there is more. We integrate the data upon arrival for you with any other online data source and where possible link the data together. In this way, there is no need spending time on building relationships between various data sets. You can focus on the use of the data. Data integrations include marketing response (paid search, display, affiliate, e-mail), voice-of-the-customer (feedback) channels, CRM data, social network data and the emerging Internet of Things.

No need to build your own API connections to many vendors, data is structured and integrated in an easy, yet flexible format as and when available from the various channels.

Marketing Response data allows you to combine your marketing spend with actual business results, both on a channel and on an individual level.

Voice-of-the-customer data helps you combining customer feedback with individual sessions allowing you to assist customers better and understand NPS scoring deviations.

CRM data allows you to enrich the online data with data that you already have on your customers. This can be used for improved personalization or omni-channel analytics.

Data from Social networks and Internet of Things bring a whole new set of possibilities to create new insights on customer behavior.

Discover the opportunities with OnMarc

Customers choose OnMarc as their partner to assist them in making the next step in customer relations. Developments in data integration and warehousing come rapidly. Our solutions, services and technology are state-of-the-art ensuring you can make the best use of new developments.