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Real-time Data Integration

Omni-channel customer interaction

Omni-channel customer interaction, driven by automated systems and decision engines is considered to be the Holy Grail in a digitally transformed world. This requires two important ingredients:

  • A real-time 360-degree view of the visitor/customer in the widest possible sense
  • A real-time decisions system that executes your communication strategies and drives all visitor interaction

Digital channels and 360-degree customer view

Digital channels are a major force in the movement towards a 360-degree customer view. However, valuable information is also available from other sources. These sources are typically in-house. OnMarc offers the option to collect, integrate and structure data from digital channels in real-time and pushing the output into your internal environment. Internally you can create the 360-degree view and use it to drive content management systems, marketing campaigns and e-mails, call center systems and other channels for customer communication. Reliable and secure.


Ontdek de OnMarc oplossing

Klanten kiezen voor OnMarc omdat ze de volgende stap willen zetten in klantbenadering. De ontwikkelingen in data integration en data warehousing gaan snel, en met onze gepatenteerde manier van data verzamelen lopen we voorop.