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The value of partnerships

In todays market partnerships are crucial. In order to create more value for our customers partners add value by creating more insight from OnMarc’s data and (other) partners use the data and the insights to plan creative actions. All in order to optimize the contribution of online data to better customer experience and business results.

Partners OnMarc
Partners OnMarc

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One (big) data source

The OnMarc Data Platform is an all-encompassing source containing all visitor interaction on digital channels. It has unlimited options for analytics and intelligence purposes.

One single insert

By using Celebrus’ unique, single-insert technology we are able to rapidly deploy the capturing process of online interaction. Don’t loose time on tagging, start capturing immediately.

Integral Privacy & Compliance

Ownership of collected data is with OnMarc’s customer. Whether in SaaS or in-house, your data is safe and confidentiality and privacy are protected.