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Your Private DMP

In today’s marketing environment, a data management platform (DMP) is commonly used. Mainly to drive external marketing campaigns via Programmatic Advertizing. However, DMP’s come in various shapes and forms.
Large public DMP track users and build user profiles across many advertiser and publisher platforms. They allow you to enhance these profiles with your data. Compliance and privacy regulations, as well as protection of your commercially sensitive data limit your options.

An unique DMP

OnMarc has a simple solution: build your own DMP for retargeting. As we already collect all of the visitor interaction, the interaction on marketing channels and integrate with your data we offer you the opportunity to have a DMP that is not shared with others, but using modern techniques to synchronizes segment data with external parties we have the best of two worlds: optimal use of programmatic advertising across all channels but maintaining full control over your sensitive data.

Benefits include:


No individual customer data is shared with others



Many out-of-the box integrations



Easy-to-use audience management software

Segmentation on an unlimited set of business events and attributes



Real-time segmentation and reclassification based on visitor behavior