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Using extensive insights, you can service clients more personally

We capture all interactions on all digital touchpoints. This brings you closer to your audience: what they are looking for, what they try to achieve, where they have issues. By using this data in true real-time, we enable you to get immediate insight and hence, drive personal communication. This can happen on your direct channels such as website and mobile app, but also on external marketing channels and e-mail.

Tag-free Collection of Web and App Interaction

OnMarc is partner of Celebrus Technologies. We offer tag-free, integral collection of all visitor interaction on your online direct channels.

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Integration of all digital channels

The visitor interaction data is the core of our solution. But there is more. We integrate the data upon arrival for you with any other online data source and where possible link the data together.

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Analytics and Intelligence

Data only creates value if it is transferred into insight. Our Analytics and Intelligence platform contains all of the collected data, in a structured way, but at the most detailed level.
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Programmatic Advertising – Optimise your marketing spend

The use of Programmatic Advertising gives you options to manage your marketing spend on a group and individual level. OnMarc helps you maintain the privacy of your visitors and protect your business data by helping you build your private DMP.
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Integrating online and off-line in real-time

A true 360-degree view of the customer requires integration of digital channel data with other data that often is available in-house.The real-time data integration allows you to benefit from all of the data and integration options OnMarc offers, whilst keeping all data in-house and building the 360-degree view under your control.
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With respect

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Customers select OnMarc to assist them in taking the next step in customer interaction. The world of data integration and data warehousing is developing rapidly. With leading technologies we assist them in taking a leap towards the future.
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One (big) data source

The OnMarc Data Platform is an all-encompassing source containing all visitor interaction on digital channels. It has unlimited options for analytics and intelligence purposes.

One single insert

By using Celebrus’ unique, single-insert technology we are able to rapidly deploy the capturing process of online interaction. Don’t loose time on tagging, start capturing immediately. Interested in a demo: contact us.

Integral privacy and compliance

Ownership of collected data is with OnMarc’s customer. Whether in SaaS or in-house, your data is safe and confidentiality and privacy are protected.

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