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Working in OnMarc Data Lab

Data Science in Action

Big Data: a wealth of information. However, the optima use of data remains a challenge for many marketers. How can you get the best insights, how to create more business value?

OnMarc operates a data lab where four students Master Data Science from the Tilburg University have been working on creating more insight and value from Big Data in their thesis.

With all of the data available, it is possible to take a deep-dive into the customer behavior on various touchpoints. Bij analyzing in-page behavior, such as field interaction, mouse-over analytics and other navigation we are able to better predict conversions, churn and other actionable events and allow you to drive appropriate action in line with your communication strategy.

Kevin van Kalkeren (Lead Consultant)

What do we want to achieve in our data lab? Kevin van Kalkeren explains.

Data and Information

We introduce you to online customer behavior. How visitors search, select and buy. This stimulates enterprises and their employees the act now and make strategic choices towards a customer-centric business.

Data Applications

We assist in a gradual transformation to 1-on-1 customer relationships, by using real-time data to create real-time relevance.

Discover the opportunities with OnMarc

Customers choose OnMarc as their partner to assist them in making the next step in customer relation. Developments in data integration and warehousing come rapidly. Our solutions, services and technology are state-of-the-art ensuring you can make best use of new developments.