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Touch Your Customer


Touch Your Customer




We are OnMarc

We assist enterprises in the capturing and use of digital visitor interaction in order to create and support a true customer-centric business environment.

1-to-1 Marketing

We focus on the marketers that look for a deep and better understanding of customers and their behavior. On enterprises that want to move to 1-to-1 communication using all data in its most detailed shape.


Customer Data Platform

A CDP combines all available data on customer interaction from any touchpoint and marketing channel, into a single platform that facilitates better insights and improve customer engagement. OnMarc assists in building a CDP and in creating substantial value from its content.



Safety and protection are important aspects of the way in which we work with data. We secure visitor- and business-confidential data against internal and external threats. All data always remains 100% property of our customers.

Expert in Online Data

OnMarc is expert in providing data and information about online visitors and customers through monitoring the online environment. By using the products of leading suppliers combined with our associated services, we give our customers insights into the behavior and wishes of the individual online visitor.

OnMarc’s customers (including the largest insurer of The Netherlands) are able to create:

  • Online Customer Intelligence (360-degree view)
  • Advanced Web Analytics (Web, Mobile, Apps & Social)
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Lead With Online Data

OnMarc collects all your online customer’s behavior and stores it in a big-data-platform. This platform allows you to recognize patterns and understand and predict customer behaviour by monitoring all interactions. In this way, you will be better equipped to provide your customer adequate and relevant information.

The unique combination of this platform and OnMarc’s associated services focuses entirely on your customer. One source for all interactions, easy to implement. The possibilities are unlimited.

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