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“How to improve your marketing campaign effectiveness and efficiency with 25%”

Why is our consultancy different?

From the movie ‘The Godfather’ we inherited the text “it’s not personal, it’s business”. For todays marketers who want to understand and influence the customer journey across multiple channels and devices, the opposite is fact-of-life. An individual approach and personal contact is mandatory. There is more and more pressure on marketers to make impact and create return on investment. More budget is allocated to the digital channel and optimizing the customer journey is a must. Relevant messages, at the right time, using the right channel for everyone. Don’t spend money on being irritant.

OnMarc consultants are there to really assist you to transform insights into actions. We take OnMarc’s real-time data on the use of your channels, how customers behave and how they respond to information, services, promotions, and other content. As a group or individually. We bring you as close to your customer as possible.


“The objective of our consultancy is to help our customers better understand the data and create actionable insights in what individuals want in their online environment”

1-on-1 marketing

The road to the most refined customer approach

We focus on the marketers that look for a deep and better understanding of customers and their behavior. On enterprises that want to move to 1-on-1 communication using all data in its most detailed way.

A target group of 1

We have a simple promise: as soon as you switch on OnMarc’s service you get the most accurate, versatile information of all users and their interactions on digital channels. From that moment on each individual can be approached and serviced independently, based on a personal profile, based on all relevant behavior, the context and your content.

Big data

At your service

Big data means nothing more than a different approach to data processing and usage. This has a different meaning for each organization. We understand big data and offer you the possibilities to make optimal use of it.

For the new data marketers

OnMarc enables you to take the next step in data volume, variety, and processing. We collect and store vast sets of data, link structured data with semi structured- and un-structured data whenever possible and we do this in real-time.



Safety and protection are important aspects of the way in which we work with data. We secure visitor- and business-confidential data against internal and external threats. All data, being captured or aggregated, always remains 100% property of our customers.


Privacy and compliance

It is the duty of every organization to ensure customer confidentiality. Hence, privacy and integrity of customers and employees is the foundation when implementing and securing data solutions and applications. By default, we follow the guidelines of European and Dutch legislation, but we can enhance this with each of our customer’s own compliance, security, and privacy guidelines.

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