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You can’t see the marketing forest for the software trees

You can’t see the marketing forest for the software trees

Written by Sebastiaan Brandsma – September 6, 2017

Big data, DMPs, data-driven marketing and advanced machine learning. All quite interesting buzz-words, but what’s in it for the marketer? You need to have the knowledge of an entire IT- department and a sound understanding of the technical landscape to be able to do your job.

Marketers are supposed to be the creative people in an organization, the ones who need to work fast to follow trends and always be one step ahead of the competition. However, how do you quickly and creatively convert your customers if you do not know who your customers are?

Connect with human

The internet is still used as a rather impersonal channel by marketers. Most get insights into statistics such as visitor numbers and conversions through Google Analytics. However, they do not learn anything about the actual person sitting behind their desk making purchases or searching for a product or service. Emails get automatically sent which are not personal at all.

One of our customers is a mortgage provider on the Dutch market. They are an organization that is primarily marketing and sales driven and all sales go through the indirect channel. In order to inform account managers and mortgage advisers about customers and prospects in a more effective way, they choose to work with data in mind, which is a good approach except that the selection and set up of a new software package is usually the responsibility of marketers.

Software trees

There are a lot of software providers, from large international companies to small specialized ones. All of these companies market  themselves similarly. They all send the same message: All your issues will be resolved, your conversion rate will increase significantly and our software is easier to implement than any other.

Of course, it is impossible to deny that data is your greatest asset in the future, but let analysts provide insight based on data. Let the marketers do what they are good at: the marketing of the product or service. This way you get the most value out of your data. Use data as a tool to create a warm, personal online marketing channel.

I see the job title “Digital Marketing Manager” eventually disappearing since Marketing Managers are also expected to have a broad knowledge of the IT landscape and to work with many different types of marketing software. What do you think? Will the job title “Digital Marketing Manager” still exist in 5 years?

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