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So what about your CX Journey?

Written by Eric van Wijhe – September 28, 2017

Recently I was reading the Gartner five competency model that points out what capabilities customer facing technology must cover for the future. The five competencies are:

  1. Data: The core and basis of every data driven organisation. The more details in the data, the higher the value and potential of the entire stack.
  2. Intelligence: Data without intelligence has no value. Intelligence provides the necessary insights to define how to plan, predict and manage the entire customer journey.
  3. Platforms: With an agile, flexible and manageable platform, the CX solution can be integrated fast and needless. This enhances rapid adoption and usage in a company.
  4. User roles: Admins, external users, internal users, management. All the different interactions and information feeds to and request from the CX system needs a secure and yet customizable user role matrix.
  5. Content: Users of the CX system must be able to:
    • Present the relevant content
    • To the right customer
    • Via the appropriate channel
    • At the right moment

So far so good, every single competency make perfect sense and technology providers should strive to offer an integrated and fully connected system to companies that have customer experience in their strategy.

My point of view

From my point of view, companies nowadays already have quite some choice to buy expensive integrated systems from big enterprise vendors that are able to cover all competencies. Also I see less expensive systems that can cover maybe not all competencies, but at least some of them. Furthermore some applications are really good in a specific kind of competency (best of breed) and build up a great track record and user base. So that’s the playfield of companies that are in the market to enhance the customer experience factor for their customers. It is not an easy thing, I see companies taking lots of effort to even take small steps.

My advice

Therefore I advise companies to start by reviewing their CX development journey to grow into doing business driven by data. This journey can be divided into the following four phases:

  1. Descriptive: What happened? Companies that don’t have the ability to get and integrate data from all (sales) channels to build a broad view of their business are in this phase. It takes a lot of effort to get some insights afterwards, and then only to see what happened.
  2. Diagnostic: Why did it happen? Companies with a multi-channel approach and who are able to relate events together. However to get an integrated view of their business over all channels can only be done after intensive (manual)
  3. Predictive: What will happen? Companies with an omni-channel approach of the customers and with an integrated view across the company on the business.
  4. Prescriptive: How can I make it happen? Fully proactive, automated Artificial Intelligence and with a cross silo real time view of the business enabling fully data driven interaction with their customers.

Most of the larger companies in NL with multiple sales channels are currently positioned between phase 2 and 3. Some big enterprises have the opportunity to invest heavily into technology & organisation and are positioned around phase 3. Very few companies entered the state of phase 4 where Artificial Intelligence is fully automated making the call how companies are interacting with all their customers.

I advise companies to review what phase they are in and, depending what their target phase and timeline for the future are, take controlled steps on the CX development ladder. In this agile growing scenario, it’s important to pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a trusted partner with the right skills and experience
  • Always stay in control of your data
  • Avoid a technology lock-in
  • Stay the director of your own CX journey

In the end the customer experience development journey is one that defines the future of your company. How are you dealing with this?


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