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Analytics and Intelligence

What is a big data warehouse? 

The OnMarc Data Platform includes a big data warehouse. Here we store all collected and integrated data in a structured format making it easy to access with any analytics or business intelligence tool. All data in a single platform, integral, linked and ready to use by your data analysts or BI specialists.

OnMarc offers tools that immediately visualize all digital interaction and the results. In conjunction with our partner Vibes Consultancy we offer business reporting, web and app analytics reporting and dashboarding. These environments allow rapid deployment, but also customization to your specific requirements. Campaign reporting and dashboarding provides you with real-time insight on the progress of your various marketing campaigns.

The Apache Hadoop environment

We use proven, open source technologies from the Apache Hadoop environment. This ensures us state-of-the-art solutions to create more and deeper insights that help you improve your business.

Customer profiling

Visualizing characteristics and customer’s behavior? We create a full profile of your customer. Across all devices and channels.

Marketing attribution

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing spend by analyzing and forecasting. Business results can be allocated in detail to your investments in various marketing channels, partners and campaigns.


KPI Dashboards

Visualize the performance of customer interaction.

Data mining

Discover patterns in data collected from customers. We help to structure information and to unlock knowledge.

Conversion optimization

Increase the conversion rate? We help you analyze churn behavior.

Visitor analytics

Complete insight into visitor click-through. Extensive segmentation options are available to create valuable insights in business results.

Customer journey mapping

Knowing how customer use channels and touchpoints? Map the customer journey of groups, segments and individual customers.

Ontdek de OnMarc oplossingen

Klanten kiezen voor OnMarc omdat ze de volgende stap willen zetten in klantbenadering. De ontwikkelingen in data integration en data warehousing gaan snel, en met onze gepatenteerde manier van data verzamelen lopen we voorop.